Heart Open Truth Bleeding Love

Heart open truth

Do you see
it is a gift?

you are gone

It is a gift
whether you see
or not.

My words
my heart
my truth

A gift.

And if you
don’t see it.

I still do.
I give this gift
to myself.

To be raw

It is my gift
of myself
to myself.

I see.
I am.

Apples That Taste Like Flowers

Apples that taste like flowers
Coffee that tastes like flowers

New friends show up
Old lovers don’t

It’s all brighter, deeper
more intense
more beautiful.

Or maybe I am.

Old ladies in parks
accidentally insulting.

I find out later.
It means nothing.

It’s beautiful.

It’s all richer
more vulnerable
more painful


This is Life.
It’s becoming


There is the consistency of being the same, which does not serve. But there is a consistency of listening to the moment, following your heart, and communicating truth with kindness and integrity. This kind of consistency is extremely important. Although it doesn’t LOOK like consistency to the outer world because it is not SAMENESS.

Sameness can be control and very, very boring. People may think they want it, but it rarely serves in the end. It becomes boring, unfresh, untrue.

All masters are unpredictable because they follow the consistency of the heart and serving the moment. This is ever fresh and yet still infinitely trustworthy.

Sleep Beckons

Sleep beckons
I resist

This air is so soft
This moment so quiet

I breathe the love
Of everything around me

Every other news report is

Only the song which says
I love every atom of your being
Is true

Sing that.

I lie down in the grass

I lie down
In the grass
The motherfather

To take me
Shake me
Break me
Make me

I belong to my own blood
And my seed

And beyond that
Only motherfather
Can claim me

Only the motherfather
Can claim me
From this earth

I am all