Your Question(s) – Answered

Sometimes people get the urge to ask me questions. Sometimes I get the urge to answer them. When these two things come together, it’s generally pretty cool.

Of course, this is all orchestrated by the Universe through our inner urgings. The answer may have some of my flavor and experience, but if I am inspired to answer, it’s usually from a source larger than just the me known as Serena. (That means I might be channeling it from a higher source.)

If you are called to ask me a question, I’d love to hear it. (Email If I feel inspired with an answer, I will give it. I reserve the right to refuse questions that do not call to me. I also reserve the right to publish the question and answer in a blog post or video, keeping the questioner anonymous.

Minimum $15 donation per question.


Disclaimer: By taking advantage of any services offered, you agree to take responsibility for your own choices and actions. Serena Portal is not liable for any change that comes as a result of the choices and actions you take, even if the ideas were sparked in a coaching session.

If so inspired, I may post questions and answers (anonymously) on my blog and social media platforms.