40-Day Prosperity Practice! Begins February 15, 2018!

Do you want to rewire yourself to attract more money?
What would you like to create in your life?

Dream vacation for your family
College education
New home
New car
Getting out of debt
Long-term security
Complete wardrobe revamp

It’s all possible and more.

Would you like to practice some Energy Alchemy that can accomplish this in an easy and fun way? Read on!

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with financial issues for a long time. This situation occurs for many reasons.

The base reason is that most of us are brought up in lack-based thinking. (The Hiltons, the Kardashians, the Gates’, etc. would be exceptions to this rule. They may not need this practice.)

MOST of us are told there is only so much to go around. We are told we need to earn money. Our worth is questioned based on our productivity. We are told money is the root of all evil. (Even though that is a misquote.) If we take what we want, we will be depriving someone else. It’s not spiritual to have money. You can’t be a good person and have money. I could go on and on. In fact, I did an entire Energy Alchemy Class Experience on just these sorts of ideas and called it Dismantling Poverty Vows.

IF you are fortunate enough to even FIGURE OUT that these poverty vows ARE NOT TRUE, you are still marinating in these ideas most of the time from friends, family, coworkers, the media, etc.

These ideas form your energetic structure.

In order to receive more financial goodness, that energetic structure needs to be shifted to allow for new realities.

How do you do that?

There are a myriad of ways to rewire yourself to be able to receive more from known and unknown sources. All of them involve recreating your energetic structure. Consciousness is key. Shifting your mindset. Paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. Conveying a vibration of trust in abundance.

The quickest and most effective way I have found to rewire our energetic structure towards abundance is through a chanting practice. Chanting once is good. But chanting every day for 40 days REALLY does the work.

When we chant with the aim to allow more prosperity, what we are ACTUALLY doing is lining up with the divine energies that bring forth prosperity into the manifest world. Let me repeat that… we are using our power of word and intention to LINE UP WITH THE DIVINE ENERGIES THAT BRING FORTH PROSPERITY INTO THE MANIFEST WORLD.

Pretty cool. (Yes, I’m a major energy geek.)

Chanting is a purposeful, easy, and joyful way to shift our vibration to match the vibration of prosperity. Once that is achieved, the Universe MUST deliver abundance. Chanting for 40 days on end has the possibility to drastically shift your deep energetics and greatly increase money manifestation.

Basically, if you have been vibrating at a feeling of “not enough” for a LONG time (as many have), you have created an “energetic rut”. It’s easy to stay there. It’s easy to fall back in once you decide you want something better. It takes some vibrational focus to create a solid new pathway that says you have enough and more is always available.

You don’t have to be a professional singer or even a good singer to benefit from a chanting practice. This is devotional and it is JUST THAT: a practice. You don’t have do any of it perfectly to achieve results.

You just have to do it.

What are we going to chant?
I have researched a number of options, and decided on a chant that invokes the energy of Ganesha (remover of obstacles) and Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and family).

Om Gum Shreem Lakshmiyei Svaha

108 times a day.
40 days in a row.

That simple. (You’ll receive more instruction in the group on how to say this chant and EXACTLY what it means. But you could also find that out on Google, of course.)

I have both personal and anecdotal evidence from clients and others that these chants WORK.

Now, you COULD embark on a chanting practice on your own. And you could potentially receive some results. HOWEVER, It’s been my experience that people tend to drop off a practice like this MUCH QUICKER without community and accountability. And when the practice drops off, so do the results. That means less cold, hard cash. (Also, it’s less fun.)

So, those are two of the MAJOR benefits you receive by joining THIS 40-day Prosperity Practice, led by me, Serena Portal…


What EXACTLY would you receive as a member of the 40-day Prosperity Practice with Serena Portal?

The practice is based in a secret Facebook Group where members receive personal attention from me on a daily basis. It includes:

  • Structured, focused, and facilitated community
  • Daily reminders to chant
  • Opportunities to chant along with me and other members
  • Chances to brag (and reinforce) your wins
  • A place to ask questions or ask for support
  • Encouragement to keep going when issues arise
  • Regular energetic support and guidance
  • Bonus money manifestation tips as they are channeled
  • Discount when you join with a friend, family member, or spouse!AND, YOU’RE GOING TO CHANGE YOUR ENERGETIC STRUCTURE RELATED TO MONEY!

When I am passionate about something, I have a real tendency to over-deliver. And I am very passionate about this practice. I have decided to include as part of the experience, bonus access to 2 of my most popular Energy Alchemy Class Experiences.

  • Dismantling Poverty Vows (mentioned above)
  • Belonging: The Alchemy of Sacred Community

So, what’s the investment? I considered this long and hard. This is a truly unique opportunity with the chance for lots of personalized support in a group setting. This is a truly unique opportunity to completely change your life and your financial situation long term. It’s definitely worth hundreds of dollars. It could be worth way more in what you manifest.

In fact, some of my prior clients have manifested THOUSANDS of dollars while doing chanting practices together.

BUT, since I want this to be accessible, especially to people who REALLY need a DRASTIC SHIFT in their financial abundance, I have decided on the low price of

$40/person for the 40 days. (There is a certain poetry in that, don’t you think.)
$30/person when you join with another person.

Price Options

Sign up TODAY as the practice begins SOON. You’ll get some extra time and chance to settle in. After signing up, you will be added to the Facebook group with access to all materials. (Make sure I have your preferred email address and name on Facebook when you sign up.)

I sincerely hope to chant with you! It’s time for us all to kick into gear with some MAJOR prosperity.



Disclaimer: By taking advantage of any services offered, you agree to take responsibility for your own choices, actions, and results. If you experience any difficulties, please consult a health or financial professional. Serena Portal is not liable for any change that comes as a result of the choices and actions you take, even if the ideas were sparked in the group or chanting session.