We are all volunteers here

After being engaged in the active study of astrology for decades, I have gained a deep appreciation of a basic truth of this dimension: everything passes.
(and I love astrolgy because it pretty much tells you WHEN.)
As much as I personally DO NOT agree with dropping bombs, that did totally fit the symbolism of yesterday. Somehow that made me feel better. Those transits are past. It doesn’t need to be continual. Could those transits be used better? I believe so. Does everything actually serve, even if I don’t always understand and like it? I believe so about that, too. 
The Universe is working that shit out. There is a grand plan (also viewable with attention to astrology.) 
And we are all volunteers here.

The Evolution of My Work


The Universe has been showing me for a while that I am not simply an astrologer. I am someone who brings my attention and presence to whatever is of importance to the person in front of me. And from there, I share whatever tool feels most relevant. Sometimes I am drawn to listen. Sometimes I get intuitive information or stories to share. Sometimes I am drawn to check their astrological chart for meaningful information. Sometimes it’s energy work or cards.

It seems when I try to just straight up interpret the chart from one bit to the next (even when people think they want that), a session just doesn’t have the meaning and heart that I have come to love in my sessions. It’s too much in the head. It doesn’t feel connected to the heart of the person in front of me.

Now, sometimes I have tried to just eschew astrology and act like I’m not going to use it. And then I often find it ends up being the perfect tool.

Life is so funny.

I have even thought… maybe I won’t do sessions anymore. Maybe something else is in my highest excitement. And my guides said… “Ummmm… no.” hahahahaha. Ok.

But the truth is that I need to do them from my highest excitement, which comes from meeting the soul in front of me in the NOW. It’s not about telling the future, although sometimes that happens. It’s not about preparation or ME having all the answers, although sometimes that happens. It’s about presence NOW to what matters NOW because that is all we have.

Energy Update 5/5/16: When will this “stuck feeling” end?

Energy Update 2016_05_05 meme

After sharing with people that many of us feel we are in a holding pattern right now, I was asked when it would end.

If you are feeling a little slowed down or even stuck… It’s ok! All things exist for a reason.

I did peep into the upcoming astrology to determine when I feel we will start to see more forward movement. Here is the answer I just gave:

For a timing question, I would look to the astrology. In that arena, there are numerous factors contributing to this feeling of slowdown and sometimes stuckness. And the relief that comes after will likely be gradual. I just slogged through a meeting yesterday with one of the most effective people I know, and we both felt stuck on a number of issues.

The short answer is that I think it will begin to let up some with the new moon Friday, 5/6 at 12:30pm Pacific and gradually pick up speed into June. The rest of the month continues slow with the Taurus energy but probably gets a bit better when Jupiter goes direct on 5/9. Then Mercury direct on 5/22. Mars will be retro until 6/29, but when the other planets start going forward, that will be a little easier to take.

As with all things, it’s a gift. Slowness or even stuckness is not inherently bad when you work with them consciously. My meeting yesterday showed a lot of light on things that felt stuck so we could begin to work on them, little by little.

This is a great time to reconsider our communications and actions. Our work in the world alongside our philosophies and transformations. With the new moon in Taurus this weekend, set intentions related to what you value in all physical, earthy aspects of your life. Self love is also a great focus during this time.

If you are experiencing any money mysteries right now, consider this image from Deepak Chopra.

When devotees would ask his guru, “Where will the money come from for this project?”

His guru replied, “From wherever it is.”


This energy update is based solely on the astrological energies happening now. If you’d like to know more about how those energies are interacting specifically with your individual energy and specialized messages for how to optimize current energies in your life, I’d love to work with you: Schedule a Session. (For local peeps, I will be doing sessions at Psychic Sister on this Saturday, 5/7, from 1-6pm.)

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