Our True Selves


When we cut the crap and really commit to our true selves, we open to a whole new world. Early on or later, we realize we need to open our hearts. It can be so scary. What on earth could be in there? I’ll cut to the chase.

Everything is in there.
Everything in the whole freakin’ world.

Yes, there is love. And this is what will always be there. It may be on top of everything. It may be below everything. It is everywhere.

Oh, but there’s so much else in there! The whole freakin’ world!!!! And all the world is asking is to be welcomed when it comes. (As we all are.) All the world is asking is to be taken as it is, without interpretation, judgment, fear. (As we all are.) Just to be taken as it is. Welcomed.

So, we welcome our fears. We welcome our guilt, our judgments, our petty jealousies, along with our love and tenderness and gentleness. And it feels pretty good. Sometimes stretchy, sometimes achy, sometimes a little tender and raw. But ALIVE. And yes, full of Love.

Then one day, a question sneaks in… “I loved that guilt and that jealousy…why is it still here?” I don’t know. And another “How LONG do I have to love all this stuff?” As long as it is here.


As long as it is here. As long as it is now. Welcome, Beloved. Welcome what comes. It is all the Beloved. It is all God. It is all our heart and the heart of all. There aren’t any answers. There aren’t any results. There isn’t any ending. The welcoming is all. The All is Love. There is no waiting. You are already there.

Welcome, Beloved. And when we allow this within our own hearts, it naturally begins to seep out into everyone we meet and everything we do. We realize our oneness. Welcome, Beloved. How does the world look when that is our response to all we encounter?

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Nothing is Happening


We all go through times when it feels like nothing is happening. Nothing is moving forward. Nothing is resolving. The ego part of us can feel very, very uncomfortable at these times. “But I’m not DOING anything. I’m not making PROGRESS.”

There is an inky darkness. We can’t see two feet in front of us. We might know who is right next to us, but we might now. And we’re not sure if they’re staying.

On some level, we all know this time is pregnant with possibilities. Nothing is decided. ANYTHING can happen. It’s a grand adventure. It’s the stuff REAL LIFE is made of. But that small part of us says, “Nothing is decided! ANYTHING can happen!” It can be exhilarating or terrifying, and often is just that… both.

The question is, what do you do with the both? What do you do with the darkness? The “stuckness” (We’re never really stuck.) It IS pregnant with possibilities, but not just for “when things move forward”.

Right NOW is the possibility if we can see it. Can we, right now, say, “Wow… this is inky darkness. It’s kinda cool.” Or “I freakin’ hate this, but I’m not going to run from it.”

Or simply just stop.

And allow it all to be ok, because it really is. We are always sitting in the lap of God. There is a richness to meeting ourselves in the void if we can take it. It might be the only place we truly meet ourselves.

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