My Own Heart Sometimes Surprises Me


My own heart
sometimes surprises me.

The bittersweet
honeysuckle nights
of summer
seem filled with aloneness.

What do I want?
What do I want?

I want this feeling
of soft wind on my skin
to last forever.

Softness in my heart
calling me deeper
into it.

I want this forever.
This vulnerable strength.
This aloneness that can turn
at any moment.

This awareness.
We are here.
We are everywhere.

I’m imagining you
where I know you
will not be.
Perhaps that
creates you
in this dimension
or another.

I don’t care.

It’s all my dream.

This sweet softness.
This lush depth.
Where anything and everything
and nothingness
and all
are always possible.

This quantum moment
where we live


​Sending peace to this divided, confused country of ours. Tomorrow is a holiday that is meant to celebrate giving, gratitude, and friendship. Perhaps it was always a farce. But I like to think anything with a good intention has a chance to make a change. Let’s maximize that.
All this hate has been festering, hiding underneath the surface. Now here it is. Time for alchemy.
It saddens me to see what is happening STILL to native peoples at Standing Rock and across this country. Same with all the hate crimes perpetrated on the lgbtq community. And the senseless loss of black lives to police killings and incarceration. And the ways in which women and our earth (same thing) are disrespected and defiled. The further persecution of Muslims and Jews and Latinx and any other group. 
We are stronger together.
Please, Grandmothers, bless us with understanding and peace.
Please, dear friends, let’s be the wisdom, gratitude, generosity, and friends we wish to see in the world.
I will continue praying and doing what I feel called to do. It all starts within. It starts with the vision. Let’s see the world as we want it and then make it so. Thank you for being with me.
#nodapl #blacklivesmatter

A culture of consent and caring

culture of caring

What if more socioeconomic discussion dissolved into laughter at the end?

What if we listened to the hearts of the grandmothers and grandfathers?

What if we listened to the words of the children?

What if we listened to the needs of all? All people. All races. All ages. All genders. Nature.

What if we put caring as a national priority?


What if we put caring as a world priority? (Maybe nations aren’t necessary.)

Perhaps we can start with it as a personal priority. Be sure to include yourself.

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