Energy Alchemy Sacred Community


Click to VIEW the video version of Energy Alchemy Class Experience on Belonging: The Alchemy of Sacred Community.

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Are you looking for more meaningful support in your life?
Do you sometimes feel alone on the leading edge?
Would you like to feel more held in your specific life journey?
Would you like to have more FUN with the people around you?

Belonging is a deep human need that brings major benefits from happiness to safety to longevity and more. However, many passionately spiritual people have a hard time feeling at ease in community, with good reason.  Sometimes we feel we have to give up WHO WE ARE in order to fit in with a group.


The WHOLE PURPOSE of this group is to SUPPORT you in your individual alignment and goals. I do that through creating containers to explore and experiment within a supportive group environment.

Sometimes, people like to be in the group because they simply want to have more access to my energetics and wisdom. That’s perfectly ok, too. This space is great for that.

If you ever wanted more access to me to be able to:

  • ask questions about your own energetic blueprint
  • get energetic support
  • have help in manifesting
  • connect with your guides
  • interpret Oracle messages
    or more…

This opportunity is for you!

As a member, you are invited to participate in…

*A group designed to support you in your alignment.
*Access to me for any questions or support energetically and in the fb group
*Channeled FB lives and postings in the group as I am called to share.
*2 group sessions per month
*Any class experiences and past ones. Access to all recordings.
*More say in topics covered.
*Current discounted 1:1 sessions to $90 (regularly priced at $180) (optional)
*Knowing you are furthering the work and evolution of yourself and the world!

Regular price for membership is valued at $111/month, but as a limited time introductory special, I’m offering a sliding fee scale from $33-111 with a 6 month commitment.

Choose your amount when you sign up here!!!

Energy Alchemy Sacred Community / 6 months

Please include your birth data on the form in the space provided if you are able. Your first payment will come out immediately, with following payments on the same day of the month for 6 full cycles. You will be added to the Facebook group and welcomed by the next business day. Within the week, you will be emailed an online contract to sign and return. (Please keep in mind that at this point, I am a solopreneur and managing this all myself. I automate as much as I can, but this is a high touch program, and I’m managing much of it myself.)

Thank you so much for your interest in the Energy Alchemy Sacred Community. Connection and alignment are our priorities. Bless!

If you have any questions, please contact me at or on Facebook messenger.