Have you been told you’re “too much”?


Many of us have been told we are “too much” or “too intense”. We talk too much, love too hard, speak too loudly, cry too much, and on and on.

I’m here to tell ya that’s simply not true.

The result of being told this from the time we are little (or anytime), is that we tend to shut down. We tend to not express. We tend to let it stay inside.

What do you think happens then?

You guessed it! We end up being MORE TOO MUCH. Because it’s all bottled up.

As this message has been floating back to me from one client and friend after another recently, it’s been really sticking in my mind. I am also one of those people who is sometimes TOO MUCH, especially when it comes to romantic love. (My current favorite wisdom on on being too much in romantic love is expressed in this video from Bentinho Massaro: Directional Love vs. Radial Love.) But this concept can apply to just about any area of our lives we feel too big, too loud, too intense, too too anything.

My dear friend, Hand Analyst Chrisstine Gulrajani, has told me I have what is called a big heart line. One of the things she recommended was that I continue to grow my audience… because I have SO MUCH TO GIVE!

Isn’t this a lovely way to look at it? If you have been considered “too much” in any area… you have a lot to give! What’s the solution? There are infinite solutions of course, but what has been coming to me strongly this week is just what Chrisstine suggested to me:

Increase your audience.

That doesn’t mean you need to start writing or doing videos or even have a blog. But maybe you do. Maybe one or all of those things are a perfect outlet for all you have to give.

What it does mean is that those of us with this issue might need a larger support network. And, in fact, this is true of most people. We need a basket of support. We might need to have a partner or a lover, a best friend, and a number of other friends that we go to when we need to express. And we might need to express things to an audience through any of the above methods or another of your choosing.

The point is, the way you were created is not a flaw.

The point is, you were created just perfectly. If there is more than someone wants, spread it around!

We are social creatures. In our current society, it’s not uncommon for us to become more or less dependent on our partner for most of our social needs. This is not romantic and generally not healthy. We need friends. We need community.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right people for you, stop, take a breath, and ask your angels to bring them to you. Honestly. It can be that simple. Just ask. Open a window of possibility for grace to enter. I bet the right people begin to come your way. And in expressing to more people, your expression becomes more balanced.

Tell us how you feel about this in the comments. If you’d like more support, an energy session may be for you.