Meditation Sessions

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Meditation is one of the most powerful practices you can begin and / or maintain for your health and well-being. But sometimes it’s hard to get started. Sometimes it feels hard to set aside a time. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to it.

Meditating with another person can be extremely helpful. When more than one is gathered with the same intent, the resulting energy is exponentially altered. A number of years ago, I spontaneously began meditating with a friend. I found a regularity, depth, profoundness, wisdom and peace in these sessions. I found The Witness part of my being which has been incredibly helpful in navigating the ups and downs of life.

The more people who meditate, the better off this world will be. Therefore, I offer it as one of my services to meditate with others if they could use a bit of help, companionship, or guidance with this important practice.

We meet by phone for 30 or 60 minutes. The rest of the session progresses roughly like this.

30-Minute Session
5 minute intro, guidance, and settling
20 minute meditation
5 minute feedback of experience

60-Minute Session
10 minute intro, guidance, and settling
40 minute meditation
10 minute feedback of experience

Once payment is received, I will contact you to schedule.
I like to do them as close to NOW as possible.

I love to do these sessions, and I think they can really benefit both the individual and society. Therefore, I’m offering them at a premium price.

Your contribution for 1 hour: $60/hour.
1/2 hour sessions also available for $30/half hour.
Package of 3 1/2 hour sessions available for $65

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Sometimes I am able to offer a sliding scale. Feel free to ask for more information if this investment is cost prohibitive for you.

Disclaimer: By taking advantage of any services offered, you agree to take responsibility for your own choices and actions. Serena Portal is not liable for any change that comes as a result of the choices and actions you take, even if the ideas were sparked in a session.