The more we share

The more we share

The more we share our vulnerability, the more others will see it’s ok to do so as well. The more we share the full spectrum of emotions, the more all beings will begin to be accepted in their full spectrum. As we take this journey, we begin to experience that our vulnerability is our strength. This sharing has huge potential ramifications for all of humanity.

Not everyone will understand immediately. That’s ok. They may think you need some sort of fixing. That’s ok.

For much of recent history, it was not considered socially acceptable to share anything someone would consider “negative”. It was considered to make you look “weak”. In this practice, people went into hiding, only sharing with each other at a very surface level. But this surface existence has led many to dissatisfaction. Many feel bored, disconnected, lacking truth. This hiding actually created much weaker individuals and a much weaker society.

Thankfully, these issues can and are being remedied.

Now is the time to add depth and dimension. We do this by sharing truthfully what is there for us. We do this by accepting and welcoming others in their deep truth of the moment.

This sharing is initially surprising or even shocking to some people. But many will feel relief to see someone who is being real. A deeper connection can be formed. More substance. More feeling. More.

There is much evidence that supports the idea that the opposite of addiction is connection. Sharing your truth battles addiction by forming connection.

Share. Share. Share. Be brave. All is well.

We are becoming so much MORE.


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Energy Update 5/5/16: When will this “stuck feeling” end?

Energy Update 2016_05_05 meme

After sharing with people that many of us feel we are in a holding pattern right now, I was asked when it would end.

If you are feeling a little slowed down or even stuck… It’s ok! All things exist for a reason.

I did peep into the upcoming astrology to determine when I feel we will start to see more forward movement. Here is the answer I just gave:

For a timing question, I would look to the astrology. In that arena, there are numerous factors contributing to this feeling of slowdown and sometimes stuckness. And the relief that comes after will likely be gradual. I just slogged through a meeting yesterday with one of the most effective people I know, and we both felt stuck on a number of issues.

The short answer is that I think it will begin to let up some with the new moon Friday, 5/6 at 12:30pm Pacific and gradually pick up speed into June. The rest of the month continues slow with the Taurus energy but probably gets a bit better when Jupiter goes direct on 5/9. Then Mercury direct on 5/22. Mars will be retro until 6/29, but when the other planets start going forward, that will be a little easier to take.

As with all things, it’s a gift. Slowness or even stuckness is not inherently bad when you work with them consciously. My meeting yesterday showed a lot of light on things that felt stuck so we could begin to work on them, little by little.

This is a great time to reconsider our communications and actions. Our work in the world alongside our philosophies and transformations. With the new moon in Taurus this weekend, set intentions related to what you value in all physical, earthy aspects of your life. Self love is also a great focus during this time.

If you are experiencing any money mysteries right now, consider this image from Deepak Chopra.

When devotees would ask his guru, “Where will the money come from for this project?”

His guru replied, “From wherever it is.”


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“I am a powerful creator” affirmation

I am a powerful creator

Affirmations are an interesting phenomenon. Some people say they work wonders, other feel they don’t work at all. Anyone who has consciously been working with manifestation for a period of time is likely to have an opinion.

Energetically, people will get different results from affirmations because words are only one part of the manifestation equation. Manifestation comes about as a result of one’s overall energy… that includes thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. All of these things make up one’s frequency. And frequency is what attracts.

So, if you are saying some words that are not in alignment with your thoughts, actions and/or feelings, there is a chance they may not have much power. Basically, if you do not really believe, act, and feel with what you are saying, the words won’t have the oomph you are desiring.

Now, some people use affirmations fully understanding that and recommend you just sort of “fake it til you make it”. i.e. just keep saying it until you convince yourself. I’m not sure if that works or not. Because, I don’t honestly have the patience for it. It’s not fun or interesting to continue repeat something I don’t really feel.

This morning, however, I hit on what I felt was perhaps the “granddaddy” of affirmations… “I am a powerful creator.” BECAUSE I have been learning and using manifestation consciously for so long, I really do believe that. So, this may or may not work for anyone. But for those of us who have this as a core belief, do you see the magic?

Just reminding ourselves of this shifts the vibration. “Oh, hey… wtf am I worrying about? I AM a powerful creator.”

Try it.

I love that it shifted me into feeling empowered and also made me feel more inspired to act on all I am creating.

I AM a powerful creator.

You too.

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