Divine Mother’s Day Channeled Writing

Photo by g w galbreath photography
Photo by g w galbreath photography

Welcome, Darlings.

We are Divine Mother and we are delighted to speak with you.

Today is an important day in your culture. Mother’s Day. Not because it is done perfectly, but simply because it is done. It is no accident that we chose this day to speak with you. Some may say we have a marketing department. But that is not true. What is true is that the collective consciousness is so focused on the topic of mothering that this gives us a unique opportunity to show up and be heard. (We also had to wait for our semi-resistant channel, Serena, to get on board. She’s not sure she’s a channel. Time will tell!)

We said “welcome” to you, but if you are taking in these words, it is you who have welcomed and yearned for us. We are here. Now.

Do not imagine that we have been silently slaving away in some Universal Kitchen, wondering when you would listen to us. Although, that is a funny image. And we like to have fun. What is also true is that we have been with you the whole time. And nothing has gone particularly wrong. All that has happened in your culture has happened by the consent of the All, and it is, therefore, Holy.

However, it is time for the re-emergence of a more conscious connection with the energy that is Us. This connection can be easy, for we are in everything. Many talk about the stamping out of the goddess and the return of the goddess. Yes, as Divine Mother, we are a face of the goddess. And we say to you, we have never been stamped out. It is only an illusion that we were, and that we, therefore, need to return. However, there will be some resonance in that image for you, and it is ok. Just know, you have never, for one moment, been abandoned.

We have loved you the whole time. We have loved ourselves the whole time. We have loved each other the whole time. Every molecule is infused with us. Every molecule is infused with love.

If you want to honor mothers, listen to them. Not one day. Every day. Create a culture of caring from which you make your decisions. Use care as a basis for both the important decisions and the seemingly trivial ones.

Include all beings in this culture of caring, including the being Mother Earth. Create a culture of caring on a personal level, on a family level, on a societal level, on a global level. Every day. This is honoring your mother. Imagine the shift that will occur!

Some will be confused about the particulars of implementing a culture of caring. There are many potential questions. A big question we can feel coming on already is “Is it caring for all beings to eat an animal? Well, then, what about a plant?” The answer is that there are no absolutes. You must look to your heart in each situation and decide for yourself what feels most caring in any given moment, depending on the particulars of your situation.

Building a culture of caring, if you choose to participate, will be a gradual process. We want to underscore a very important point in this practice of building a culture a caring. When deciding, in any given moment, “Is this a caring word, thought, or action?”, always, always, always include self.

Do this with love. You will not do it perfectly every day or any particular day. That is ok. That is creation. And the paradox is that it is always perfect. Please gently move away from guilt, shame, and condemnation of self or others. There is no judge or jury on the other side waiting to condemn you for a “wrong” move. All is well. In fact, there are no wrong moves. It is no one’s job on earth or in heaven to judge another for any perceived wrongdoing. Please keep that in mind.

We can feel many of you thinking, “But this shift that needs to happen is so big! This is so overwhelming! Our culture will not change. It is greedy and profit driven and full of fear.” We understand your overwhelm. We hold you in this deep fear that true change and caring are impossible. We hold you there. Please take a moment for yourself and any of these feelings you may have. We are with you. When you feel ready, continue.

Photo by gw galbreath photography
Photo by gw galbreath photography

This deep change to a culture of caring is a very personal thing. It comes from within the heart of every being. And it is already happening. There are many, many beings who are yearning for it at this time. The answer is simple, but not easy. You have heard it many times before, but perhaps not in this exact context. To create a culture of caring, you must be the one who cares. It is an act of creation. It is an act of love. In the truest sense, this starts from the center of All: your very own heart, your very own person.

We are Divine Mother, and we love you.

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