Energy Alchemy Class Experience: ME TOO… Clearing Rape Culture & Creating a Culture of Consent

Fractal 19 ME TOO Crop

Are you ready to release energy related to sexual harassment and assault?

Are you ready to anchor in templates for a culture that values consent above repression, manipulation, and force?

Are you ready to step into your power as a fully responsible sexual being?

If so, this class experience may be for you.

Class will be held LIVE on Zoom on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 6:30pm Pacific Time for approximately 90 minutes. Zoom is easy to download to your phone or computer if you don’t already have it.

(If you want to participate, but cannot attend at that time, please still sign up. You will be included in the experience energetically and emailed a link to the recording the following day.)

There has been a massive uprising in standing for our rights to be free of sexual oppression. Due to centuries of sexual injustice, almost all people carry blueprints of both oppressed and oppressor. As we envision a new world of freedom and innocence for ourselves, it is time to release these old energetic patterns.

This class experience will do the deep work of releasing whatever we are ready to release in order to heal the sexual dysfunction and trauma in our current society. This work is deep and could be triggering. It will be my intention to create as safe a container as possible for this work to be done, aiding progress in both our individual lives and our collective consciousness. Please consider deeply whether you feel ready to clear old patterns and replace them with healthier ways of sexual relating. Also consider whether you feel you may need additional support as this energetic work is happening or after.

It is my intention to welcome whoever wants to do this work, regardless of gender. It is my intention to make this a safe space for release and creation of a more honorable, sacred sexuality. I will be downloading the specific clearing and culture of consent language from Source energy. It feels important to include all genders in this work without casting any blame, shame, or guilt.

Much of what we carry is from other lifetimes, in which we have all been all genders, persuasions, etc. The aim of this work is to take responsibility for our now, see the truth of the magnitude of the hurt in this area, hold and clear the hurt that has occurred (as much as we can), and then move to a more sacred level of consciousness.

If you feel called, please join us.

This class is experience is initially offered on a sliding fee scale of $12-21. The fee will rise on Tuesday at 12:00pm Pacific Time. Sign up early to lock in the price of your choice.


IMPORTANT: After purchase, click RETURN TO MERCHANT to be directed to the page that will give you the necessary information to log in to the class. You will also receive this information via email the day of the class. THANK YOU!