Energy Alchemy Class Experience: DISMANTLING POVERTY VOWS



Here are some reactions to the experience:

“Dismantling Poverty Vows was one of the most amazing transmissions, releases, new patterning and upgrades I have ever been led to. It was Divine. It was sweet confirmation and seamless continuation of my spiritual work.” – Mari Jane Campbell

“After your recent class, I’ve had little exciting moments of discovered abundance: a Starbucks gift card I forgot I had, resolution of an old tax problem, new clients making appointments. Thank you again for all you do. ” -Diane

Are you feeling stuck in your financial situation?
Do you have debt?
Unfulfilled wants and needs because of a lack of money?
Things you’d like to experience for yourself or your family, but don’t see a way there?

Do you know that many (or most) of us have taken vows of poverty in one lifetime or another? If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have. (Resonance drew you here.) Most people with interests in the spiritual world have been in religious orders at some point in their soul progression, and many of these orders take vows of poverty.

When we make a VOW, it’s a very powerful thing. Words have great creative power. Once spoken, especially with devotion, they don’t really ever go away. And VOWS are specifically powerful words.  Vows stay in our energy fields and our souls remember. Many of us also have relatives or ancestors who have taken vows of poverty. An energetic like this can even get passed down in our DNA.

As an energy specialist and intuitive, I began to feel the extreme weight of all these vows of poverty a few months ago. They are HEAVY all around us. Our society is completely permeated with lack thinking. These specific energetics are a big part of why so many experience lack in their lives. As Bashar says, “There is no lack of abundance, but there is an abundance of lack.”

As I felt into the energetics that hold us back, it broadened to understanding that any lack belief or words are, in essence, also poverty vows that we make each day. We are surrounded by lack thinking. It is encouraged by our society. We are conditioned to think there is only so much and we have to fight and compete and work and toil in order to get “our piece of the pie”.  And many of us feel guilty, because we care about others, so we don’t want to take anyone else’s piece of the pie.

The truth is, however, that abundance in this world is NOT A PIE. We have been sold a bill of goods to keep us small and controllable. It’s time to step into our power. Some of these religious poverty vows had some beautiful origins in communal living and sharing. However, they are not currently serving to empower us in this society.

It is time to make a change. It is time to step into our power as spiritual people and accept the abundance that is each person’s birth right. The image I have gotten is like the old video game, Super Break Out. Where you erase a brick at a time, but then, as you make it through the wall, it gets easier to take out more of the wall. The more we do this for ourselves, the more we break out of the lack vibe for not only us as individuals, but for the collective as well. This is very important work.

So, how do we do this work? How do we dismantle our many vows of poverty in this lifetime and many others?

We begin by a conscious awareness of it. And that means we have begun. Next, we hold a new vibration, including new words that are vows of abundance. We begin to understand that we live in an incredibly abundant universe.

In this class experience, I will create a sacred container in which we may all speak new words, stating we are no longer in agreement with these vows of poverty. This will include a deep energetic clearing on traditional poverty vows and also education and clearing on the many more insidious poverty vows we carry around and strengthen each day. We will replace these words with words of abundance. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share specific poverty vows they know they carry and bring up for clearing.

Each person has a different energy field, but we carry many things in common. We are each dismantling the old paradigm in our own way. This alchemical experience will be a powerful step in accessing the next most powerful version of you. It is a process. There will likely be ongoing work for you. But awareness and change begin HERE and NOW.



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