I was told, “Wear makeup, please”

Just a little bit of added commentary to this. When I responded to that comment with how I felt, in what I believed was fairly neutral language, the person blocked me. Which is fine. I recognize this is simply a vibrational difference and we are no longer on the same wavelength. It can both hurt and be let go at the same time.

This video is not intended to start any debate. Neither is it AT ALL me looking for anyone else’s opinions on my personal choices in how I walk around in this body. Please think twice before offering those sorts of opinions to people. Have they asked for your opinion? If not, it’s likely best to keep it to yourself. Bless.

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I have been seeing a lot of things on social media saying people can’t “adult” anymore today. They want to be a child. They want to be a mermaid.

I get it. Commitments. Responsibilities. Bills. It’s exhausting and no fun. I’ve been there. I’m there sometimes now. But not very often. Because I have chosen change. Radical change. It’s scary, but it’s been so fulfilling.

Work and responsibilities are not inherently awful. It’s just that most of us have been conditioned into doing things that don’t suit us because we think we have to in order to survive. Buying things we don’t need because happiness feels scarce. Making our kids behave, act, look a certain way.

Work and responsibility can be things we really choose for ourselves from our deepest heart. They can be done in a way that honors mind, body, and soul. Then, “adulting” is transformed. Sometimes we need time to figure out how to do this. Sometimes we need mentors or guides. But it is worth it.

The truth is, in most peoples’ lives, it sucks just as much to be a child. Told what to do 24/7, forced to sit in a desk for 6-8 hours a day when your body wants to move. Having to ask if you can go to the bathroom. It may suck worse. I actually way prefer being an adult. At least I have SOME say in how I make my choices and live my life.

That may be the problem. People have been so conditioned to do all the things they think they have to… go to school, get in a bunch of debt, please others, get a crappy job to try to get out of the debt, get a house, get more debt, get a job that pays more and requires more of you, buy all the STUFF you “need” to be “happy”, get in more debt, get more imprisoned.

It’s not being an adult that people have a problem with. It’s being a human in this ridiculous society we have all energetically agreed to. It’s being imprisoned.

If we start to reorganize society, being an adult won’t be so shitty. And being a kid will be better, too.

I know it feels overwhelming to reorganize this society. It overwhelms me sometimes, too. Start with the small things. Allow yourself freedom. Say no more. See what is really imprisoning you. Let things go.  Do what you love more. Let your children be free and be themselves as much as possible. Start with you. Grassroots, Baby. This is the way the world REALLY changes. There is no politician or preacher on a white horse that can do it for us.

There is a good chance that there are actually a lot of changes you could make in your life right now that would free you and make you happier. And, as an adult, you have the power to make those choices. Those choices are likely to look different for each individual.

One of the most freeing things I did was take my kid out of school. I thought I was freeing him, but I was freeing myself as well. That may not be your path. We all have our own paths. But I trust that your path is there, just as mine has been. Be brave.

You can make a life, even in our current society, that really does rule regardless of your age. Start now. Bless.

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A culture of consent and caring

culture of caring

What if more socioeconomic discussion dissolved into laughter at the end?

What if we listened to the hearts of the grandmothers and grandfathers?

What if we listened to the words of the children?

What if we listened to the needs of all? All people. All races. All ages. All genders. Nature.

What if we put caring as a national priority?


What if we put caring as a world priority? (Maybe nations aren’t necessary.)

Perhaps we can start with it as a personal priority. Be sure to include yourself.

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