Everything that manifests in the physical realm has an energetic beginning.  Everything is energy.  Sometimes we need to heal the physical using physical remedies. At the same time, it is always best to go back to the source and realign your energetics to Truth.  This is lasting healing.

We are all volunteers here

After being engaged in the active study of astrology for decades, I have gained a deep appreciation of a basic truth of this dimension: everything passes.
(and I love astrolgy because it pretty much tells you WHEN.)
As much as I personally DO NOT agree with dropping bombs, that did totally fit the symbolism of yesterday. Somehow that made me feel better. Those transits are past. It doesn’t need to be continual. Could those transits be used better? I believe so. Does everything actually serve, even if I don’t always understand and like it? I believe so about that, too. 
The Universe is working that shit out. There is a grand plan (also viewable with attention to astrology.) 
And we are all volunteers here.

This or Better

It’s really hard to catch a glimpse or a season of what you know you want and then not have it. We often mistakenly think that means it’s out of our reach. We’ll never “have it”. That’s not true. 
If it has been in our field, it means we have created it. If we created it once, we can create it again or better. We’re just a little wobbly. Strengthen that vision. Strengthen that vibe. This or better, Universe. This or better. Amen.

It’s hard to believe

It’s hard to believe
how many Saturday nights
I’ve had without you.
Sundays and Mondays
and all the other days, too.

Sometimes I wonder
if I should have made
different choices.
Usually, I don’t.
Usually, I realize
I couldn’t have.

I did the best
with what I knew.

I trust
I know better now.