The Answer is Yes

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I am blessed with magical, creative, beautiful friends. One such friend is my dear Greta Jane (pictured above).  One of Greta’s many talents is the facilitation of Wish Spells, a tender exchange and ritual of co-creation.

Official Wish Spells begin with a guided meditation, helping us connect with the infinite possibilities of this moment and the poetic voice of your heart. Once your heart is speaking I will help you to clarify your intention, refining until we find a powerful, resonant phrase; your dearest heart’s wish. You will write this wish on an Official Wish certificate.  I will then choose ingredients from a medicinal bouquet of flowers and other accoutrements, that I believe are in alignment with your wish. Activating your senses, you will interact with these ingredients as I explain their particular properties and intentions. These pieces are held in a vessel of receptive well water, intensifying all.  When your spell is complete I will suggest some ways you may continue to integrate this intention with your will and actions.
May All Our Dreams Come True

Greta reflected in her Wish Spell table at Psychic Sister

I have worked on wish spells with Greta over the past year a total of three times. The first time I went because I simply love her, and I was curious to experience the process. The second time I went (and brought my son Zane) because we have a big wish. The third time ended up showing me that all three sessions were linked, related to one big wish I have been manifesting. Amazing work, Universe.

After we went through the guided meditation portion of the wish spell, one of the first things Greta said was the following:

“The answer is yes.”

It just came right through her. So simple, yet profound.

“The answer is yes.”

Much more was said, but this statement was basic and so important, it has stayed with me for weeks. This statement is very in alignment with my basic tenet that the Universe is benevolent. The law of attraction is set up so that the Universe is always saying yes to us.

It’s really that simple. The Universe will always agree with your energy on any situation.

The answer is yes.

Remind yourself this as much as possible. Check in with yourself and your beliefs. Check in with your energy and what you are vibrating. Allow yourself to dream, wish, and believe.

I’ve kept my official wish on my personal altar to remind myself often.

Official Wish

Support can be helpful in noticing what we are saying to the Universe. If you’d like to be supported by Greta or myself in person, check out the Psychic Sister Schedule. I am also available to book phone or skype sessions through my Energy Sessions page.

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