Everything that manifests in the physical realm has an energetic beginning.  Everything is energy.  Sometimes we need to heal the physical using physical remedies. At the same time, it is always best to go back to the source and realign your energetics to Truth.  This is lasting healing.

This or Better

It’s really hard to catch a glimpse or a season of what you know you want and then not have it. We often mistakenly think that means it’s out of our reach. We’ll never “have it”. That’s not true. 
If it has been in our field, it means we have created it. If we created it once, we can create it again or better. We’re just a little wobbly. Strengthen that vision. Strengthen that vibe. This or better, Universe. This or better. Amen.


​Spend your time enjoying activities you are passionate about. While doing this, you will meet people also passionate about things that matter to you. Some will be attractive to you and vice versa. You will find someone. We are all attractive and magnetic when engaged in our passions. Surrender and the universe will bring it right to you in the perfect timing.