Everything that manifests in the physical realm has an energetic beginning.  Everything is energy.  Sometimes we need to heal the physical using physical remedies. At the same time, it is always best to go back to the source and realign your energetics to Truth.  This is lasting healing.

We are all inherently worthy

Care about Other people

Every single person is worthy of having their basic needs met. Because they exist.


Anything that says otherwise is some bizarre conditioning humans picked up along the way from living in this slave society we’ve co-created.

Every single person is worthy of having their basic needs met.

I simply do not understand any argument against this. It’s all bullshit.

Please extrapolate this idea to your personal life. Realize that you are worthy of of every single need, want, heart’s desire. You do not need to earn a single, damn thing.

I’m coming out hard on this one because it’s so absurd.

If we all woke up tomorrow understanding our inherent worthiness, this world would transform. We can do this on a global/political level. But it’s likely it has to come on a personal level first.

It’s preposterous to me that as a society it is not our number one priority that each individual has a safe place to live, food, clothing, and health care. I’m incredulous that anyone argues against this. So, I’m doing my thing. I’m shouting the truth I see into the wind, hoping others pick it up, too. The more of us who pick this up, the better.

We have the ability to make this happen. We have the ability to create a society where we all have our needs met and have time and space to develop ourselves as people. Don’t ask me about the economics of it. There are other people who can figure that out. There are probably hundreds of plans in existence already. I know it’s true. It’s the will we need, and the details will follow.

But first we have to care. About others. About ourselves.

There is no difference.

How does society change if everyone has a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, healthcare, and time to develop themselves?

This scenario does not just benefit the one who is receiving these things. We all benefit from this scenario.

Envision it with me. Believe.

Healing Dis-ease: Self Love

​I just got an email detailing how autoimmunity is a major factor in most disease. 

What is autoimmunity? The body attacking itself when it thinks it has a reason. (but often, there is no valid reason.)

Louise Hay and others have long held that self love is the key to healing.
Doesn’t this make so much sense?

We must stop attacking ourselves from within. And also stop attacking otherselves without. They are really the same thing.
Self love. It’s crucial.

Inspired Action

“Nature never hurries, yet all is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

I may be almost ready to do practical things again. I have been bored with practicality and shunning it because I couldn’t even. I haven’t even been posting here. I’m coming to terms with the possibility that my flow may not fit into any sort of “business model”.

I am often stuck between… am I mystic or an entrepreneur? I suppose I could be both. But the mystic doesn’t really feel drawn to “work”, if ya know what I mean. The human does feel drawn to being able to pay bills, even if not really interested in the actual system behind them. Hrmph. It does feel good to use my skills to be of service to other humans. I enjoy that.

I’m letting myself feel vulnerable here and just write from the heart, as I sometimes do on Facebook, but not usually here. It feels like perhaps there is something of value to this type of entry. We shall see. Shout outs to Inok Alrutz and Shanti Zimmerman for inspiring me more in this direction

I’m starting to feel better physically after a bout with Candida. I took an interesting route to healing. I only did what made me happy, whether it was a “cure” (like a sauna or essential oils) or just lying about watching videos or going out to eat instead of cooking.

I haven’t been following the candida diet, as I have always been urged to do religiously. But it felt like another prison. It felt overwhelming, which is part of what brings candida on. I read an entire book in the past few days, which is massive for me. Gabor Mate’s When the Body Says No. It’s all about how our repressed emotions cause our illnesses. So, I decided not to repress. Just let myself be. Exactly as I am. Breathing into that liberation.

I did slow way down on coffee and wine. But I didn’t completely stop because I don’t want to. I already knew coffee was the main “bad guy” for my system, and a friend’s muscle testing confirmed this. And my life seems to confirm this yet again. Oh coffee… I’m in love with the bad guy. Hahaha.

I’ve been super lethargic and just wanting to rest a lot. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Maybe today some practical things will be done today. Time will tell. I’m doing this. Is it practical? I don’t know. I’m just doing it. Letting highest excitement and inspired action rule. I am learning more and more to trust that if I am not ready to do something, it will get done in it’s own time.

“Nature never hurries, yet all is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

I love how when surrendering to inspired action, I am suddenly just doing something and it is often done before I even think about it. My body almost moves on its own accord. Ease and grace. And so it is. Bless.

Please share in the comments what your experiences are with inspired action. This is something I’m super passionate about and always experimenting with. I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

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