My Own Heart Sometimes Surprises Me


My own heart
sometimes surprises me.

The bittersweet
honeysuckle nights
of summer
seem filled with aloneness.

What do I want?
What do I want?

I want this feeling
of soft wind on my skin
to last forever.

Softness in my heart
calling me deeper
into it.

I want this forever.
This vulnerable strength.
This aloneness that can turn
at any moment.

This awareness.
We are here.
We are everywhere.

I’m imagining you
where I know you
will not be.
Perhaps that
creates you
in this dimension
or another.

I don’t care.

It’s all my dream.

This sweet softness.
This lush depth.
Where anything and everything
and nothingness
and all
are always possible.

This quantum moment
where we live