The more we share

The more we share

The more we share our vulnerability, the more others will see it’s ok to do so as well. The more we share the full spectrum of emotions, the more all beings will begin to be accepted in their full spectrum. As we take this journey, we begin to experience that our vulnerability is our strength. This sharing has huge potential ramifications for all of humanity.

Not everyone will understand immediately. That’s ok. They may think you need some sort of fixing. That’s ok.

For much of recent history, it was not considered socially acceptable to share anything someone would consider “negative”. It was considered to make you look “weak”. In this practice, people went into hiding, only sharing with each other at a very surface level. But this surface existence has led many to dissatisfaction. Many feel bored, disconnected, lacking truth. This hiding actually created much weaker individuals and a much weaker society.

Thankfully, these issues can and are being remedied.

Now is the time to add depth and dimension. We do this by sharing truthfully what is there for us. We do this by accepting and welcoming others in their deep truth of the moment.

This sharing is initially surprising or even shocking to some people. But many will feel relief to see someone who is being real. A deeper connection can be formed. More substance. More feeling. More.

There is much evidence that supports the idea that the opposite of addiction is connection. Sharing your truth battles addiction by forming connection.

Share. Share. Share. Be brave. All is well.

We are becoming so much MORE.


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